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BuyMetrics ENTERPRISE is SaaS software designed to serve professional buyers, supporting spot market purchases, formula defined contracts, arbitrage strategies, and interface with corporate ERP systems. BuyMetrics enables buyers to work their strategy quickly and precisely. Metrics provide guidance and ongoing analytics provide vendor scorecards, strategic insight, and auditable data. Capabilities include:

  • Quickly configure even the most extensive requests for quotes (RFQs)
  • Issue RFQs electronically to an unlimited number of vendors
  • Automatically collect all responses for comparison and analysis
  • Issue purchase orders and receive confirmations from selected suppliers
  • Process dozens or hundreds of block/contract POs in a manner of minutes
  • Internally computed market price metrics
  • Analysis and reporting
  • Customizable workflow to match the client's current business process
  • Support for team-based buying workflows.
  • Two-tier collection of purchasing requirements from other personnel and routing of these to the appropriate buyer
  • Integration into accounting and ERP systems for POs, vendor acceptance advice, mill order numbers, and related information shipment information.

BuyMetrics provides consulting, implementation, and onsite user training services as a part of the enterprise offering, tailored to your company's specific requirements.

BuyMetrics® PRO

BuyMetrics PRO shares a common code base with BuyMetrics Enterprise and is deployed as a self-service subscription offering, customized for a specific commodity or market space (such as LBM). Pro enables the delivery of the BuyMetrics capabilities to small and medium enterprises that do not require the level of customization and integration delivered with the Enterprise version.

Users can subscribe to BuyMetrics PRO online via the BuyMetrics LBM website, select credit card of invoice billing, and be operational within minutes.

BuyMetrics® REPORTER

BuyMetrics REPORTER is an internal price statistic computational engine and publishing system. BuyMetrics REPORTER provides the ability to :

  • Compute daily market price statistics for key commodities
  • Automatically publish price statitics in an electronic newsletter format to buyers and other interested parties within the enterprise.
  • Chart and graph historical price statistics.

Product Feature Summary

Shopping Pro Enterprise Reporter
Unlimited catalog items on RFQ
Special Orders
Shop via email, portal, phone
Shop via API
Unlimited vendor lists
Load calculator
Reusable templates
Multi-load requests
Custom vendor messages
Comparison to market prices
Vendor Interaction
Easy access via email
Mobile smartphone access
Web-based vendor dashboard for RFQ and PO history
Easy to read spreadsheet quote review
Normalize unequal offers to market reference price metrics
Compute offer extended price
Score offers against metrics
Rank offers to metric
Verbal counteroffers
Electronic counteroffers
"One click" PO creation
"Easy-build" PO form
Pro-rate pricing based on metric
Send PO to vendor electronically
Track vendor receipt & confirmation
Route copies to any email address
Searchable History online
Buy up to 100 loads per transaction
Vendor load builder
Formula or fixed pricing
Up to 25 formula variables
Destination-specific adders
UOM conversion
Forward pricing for any date
Location & buyer control lists
Purchase history
Quantity by item
Quantity by vendor
Quantity by location
Vendor scorecard
Saved report definitions
PDF output
Excel or XML output
Shopping history
Buyer summary
Contract vs Spot analyzer
Advanced analytics
Market Statistics
BuyMetrics-generated daily price reports 1
Auto-import external market data
Historical price charting & comparison
Other features
Single enterprise database across buyers
User-controlled product catalog
User-controlled sku numbers
User-assigned vendor and terms codes
UOM conversions
Multi-buyer teaming
Shared templates, vendors, contracts
Online requisition system
Integration with accounting/ERP system
Location-specific integration path
Advanced RFQ route and merge
Buyer subset product and location lists
Enterprise administrator console

1Can be compiled from confirmed purchase orders issued by a single client or across multiple clients with client permission.

2Optional access to external market price data requires a subscription to the applicable database in .dbf or .xls format.

3BuyMetrics Reporter statistics only

4Access to external market price data requires a subscription to the applicable database in .dbf or .xls format.

5Contract Management module is available for BuyMetrics Pro for an additional one-time charge of $500.

6Integration adapters available for many common ERP systems. Other interfaces can be developed on a custom basis.

Ready to Get Started?

BuyMetrics Connection is free for suppliers, and you can be up and running in minutes.

  • Click on the "Recent History" link in the RFQs or POs you already receive from your BuyMetrics customers.
  • To see more info, click on the "Complete History" link in the upper right corner
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