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BuyMetrics Connection TM

BuyMetrics supports three primary methods of sending RFQs and Purchase Orders to vendors. Most simply, transactions are sent via emails with encoded links. System to system integration via API calls provide direct communication with vendor application systems (see below). BuyMetrics CONNECTION provides a third, web-based intermediate solution, enabling vendors to manage their BuyMetrics interactions with multiple buyers and enterprises from a single web portal. Primary capabilities are:

  • Access to BuyMetrics transactions from anywhere/anytime there is Internet access, including most smart phones
  • Receive, review, and respond to all RFQs and POs in a single place
  • Storage of vendor's quote and purchase order history automatically

BuyMetrics CONNECTION is supported by a self-service subscription system accessed from the BuyMetrics LBM web site. To view a demonstration of CONNECTION, click on the link on the right side of this page.

BuyMetrics Connection TM API

The BuyMetrics Connection API provides suppliers a callable RESTful API with which they can download purchase orders and optionally provide order confirmation and corresponding sales/mill order and load readiness information. The API is accompanied by a supplier portal with which the supplier manages the identities of its sales personnel. The format of the purchase order document can be customized to the supplier's specifications, and an optional .Net client library for the API is available.

The BuyMetrics CONNECTION API is provided on a fee basis and is subject to execution of a license agreement.

Ready to Get Started?

BuyMetrics Connection is free for suppliers, and you can be up and running in minutes.

  • Click on the "Recent History" link in the RFQs or POs you already receive from your BuyMetrics customers.
  • To see more info, click on the "Complete History" link in the upper right corner
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